Established 1984
Services Prosecution for Patent, Utility Model, Design Patent, Trade Mark and Other Professional Services for Intellectual Property
Speciality in Technical Field Electronics, Semiconductors, Computers, Electronic Communication, Information Technology, Imaging Technology, Electronic Materials, Mechanics and Metallurgy


Senior Partners

Registered Patent Attorneys

  • Hidetoshi Yoshitake
    Electronics, Electronic Communication, Semiconductors, Information Technology , Control Technology etc.
  • Takahiro Arita
    Physics, Electrics, Information Technology etc.
Junior Partners

Registered Patent Attorneys

  • Tomohiro Fukuichi
    Electrical Engineering, Electrics, Semiconductors etc.
  • Akio Takeshita
    Mechanics and Structural Technology, Control Technology, Information Technology, Medical Devices, Business Machinery, Daily Commodities etc.
  • Hiroaki Tanaka
    Electrical Engineering, Electrics, Information Technology, Imaging Technology, Semiconductors, Electronic Materials, Metallurgy, Inorganic Materials etc.
  • Kazuki Nakao
    Electronic Components, Electronic Materials, Manufacturing Process of Electronic devices, Structural Technology, Information Technology, Imaging Technology, Physical Chemistry, Meteorological Technology etc.
  • Taizo Inoue
    Electrical Engineering, Electrics, Information Technology, Control Technology, Automotive Wiring System, Semiconductors, Electronic Communication, Computer Technology etc.
  • Tomoharu Ikemi
    Semiconductors, Electric Circuits, Information Technology, Radio Communication, Control Technology, Imaging Technology , Packaging and Weighing Machine etc.
  • Shinya Araki
    Electrical Engineering, Electrics, Information Technology, Semiconductors, Imaging Technology, Physics etc.
  • Takao Murata
    Electrics, Electronic Components, Semiconductors, Applied Physics etc.
  • Kenji Watanabe
    Electrical Engineering, Electrics, Semiconductors, Display Devices, Electrical Measurement etc.
  • Hiroyuki Kita
    Physics, Electronic, Semiconductors, Materials etc.
  • Manabu Suzuki
    Electrical,Electronic,Semiconductors,Electronic Communication,Display Devices etc.
  • Masakazu Uemura
    Electrical,Electronic,Semiconductors,Display Devices,Control Technology etc.
  • Miho Takeuchi
    Mechanics and Structural Technology, Control Technology,Electrical,Electronic etc.
Technical Staff
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Materials
  • Physics
  • CAD
  • Technical Translation
  • Japan Patents Section
  • Foreign Patents Section
Management Staff
  • Legal Support for Japan Patent Procedures
  • Legal Support for Foreign Patent Procedures
  • Management of Technical Information
  • Computer System Engineering (in-house)
  • General Affairs

Yoshida, Yoshitake & Arita

10th Floor Sumitomo-Seimei OBP Plaza Building
4-70, Shiromi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0001
TEL +81-6-6945-8030
FAX +81-6-6945-8031

Our office is located in the Osaka Business Park, on the east side of the Hotel New Otani Osaka. Our office is located on the 10th floor of Sumitomo-Seimei OBP Plaza Building. There is "Izumi Hall"which is a music hall in the lower floors of the building.

Traffic Information

JR Osaka Loop Line

5 minutes on foot from Osakajokoen Station or 10 minutes on foot from Kyobashi Station

JR Gakken-Toshi Line/JR Tozai Line/Keihan Electric Railway

10 minutes on foot from Kyobashi Station

Osaka Subway, Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line

6 minutes on foot from Osaka Business Park Station

Office Address

540-0001, JAPAN
+81 06 6945 8030
+81 06 6945 8031


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